ISO 14001
LandScope supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and makes every effort to apply these ambitious intentions within both the larger framework of our activities and on a day-to-day basis. Awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation, we commit to ensuring the continual development of our sustainability program and ongoing improvement of our environmental performance.

Carbon Management
We have received support and advice from our local Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) towards our carbon reduction programme. Our head office has an EPC-rating ‘A’: every effort has been made to reduce the carbon footprint of this centuries-old, converted building, including very high levels of insulation, ground source heat pump technology for heating, and efficient LED Lighting. We have a rainwater harvesting system to supply water needs where it is safe to do so and composting facilities for disposal of all biodegradable products.

We have ISO14064 verification of our Greenhouse Gas emissions, and through investing in features such as solar panels and electric vehicles, as well as focussing upon our Scope 3 supply chain activities, we aim to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – and drop to net-zero by 2045, if not sooner, in line with the global Science Based Target initiative.

At LandScope, nature and employee welfare go hand in hand and there are many other growing initiatives to improve not only local and global biodiversity, but simultaneously nurture employee wellbeing:

  • An established fruit orchard and picnic area
  • Development of a berry garden where employees can wander to take a break from their desks whilst snacking and harvesting organically grown produce
  • A low-mow site maintenance scheme to let grasses and wild flowers reach their full height during the summer months and planting of nectar-rich and pollinator friendly flowers and bushes
  • Bird boxes, bee boxes and support of the Guardian Bee Project
  • Only purchasing FSC-certified paper goods
  • Avoidance of single-use plastics where possible and encouragement of staff to take reusable vessels for refreshments
  • A well-supported Cycle to Work scheme (even notwithstanding the 900ft elevation of the LandScope head office in the Long Mynd foothills!)

As well as striving to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through our carbon reduction planning, we aim to reduce pollution by having a robust waste management system in place. We recycle all suitable materials where possible, compost card and paper products, and any remaining waste is disposed at the local incineration facility.

We often work in very ecologically-sensitive locations. Many of our team have had CITB SEATS training, as well as non-native species awareness courses. All relevant projects have COSHH spill avoidance and mitigation procedures as part of their detailed RAMS planning.


ISO 45001

The health and safety of our workers, other project stakeholders, and the general public is of paramount importance. We recognise that is easy to say but harder to do – that’s why our UKAS-accredited ISO 45001 certification is very important to us and why we have a holistic and perpetual strategic plan to address these issues.

We engage an external H&S consultant to advise us of legislation changes and best practice. They regularly inspect our sites and put our systems through their paces, so that you can trust that we do what we say we will do.

We hold accreditation with a number of CAS and SSiP bodies, such as CHAS, Constructionline, Achilles UVDB, Avetta and Hellios JOSCAR. We are willing to sign up to any other supplier portals or answer PQQ questionnaires in order to meet our client requirements.

We have appointed a dedicated Marine Operations Safety Manager to oversee our highest risk activities for working near or on water, and with our MCA-coded vessels. Our survey teams all undertake rigorous marine safety training in a range of testing environments, are certified to RYA Powerboat Level 2 and RYA Marine First Aid at Work, and are practiced in man-overboard and emergency procedures.



Not only do we want our workplace to be a safe place to work, we want it to be a happy place where our employees thrive and grow. There is a tailored induction process for when a new starter joins the company, followed by a development plan of training, CPD, and professional opportunities.

We like to support our employees beyond the workplace. We provide a converted campervan that can be borrowed at any time for a weekend getaway, long holiday or little jaunt. We have been pleased to sponsor some of their, and their children’s, sports teams and extracurricular activities.



LandScope sits in the heart of a small rural community and is pleased to donate to local groups and local events. LandScope were proud to support local heroine Kelda Wood with her solo row of the Atlantic and her ongoing work at Climbing Out. LandScope also supports Hope House Children’s Hospice. Local children have been welcomed for work experience, and the company provides an important economic benefit to the area.



LandScope are a certified ‘Living Wage’ employer and supportive of closing the gender pay gap. 

We believe in providing a fair and inclusive place to work which welcomes people from all walks of life. Our Equal Opportunities and Diversity & Dignity at Work policies provide a framework for putting this into practice.


ISO 9001

LandScope has long been managed within a framework for meeting international management systems standards. We understand that clients place great emphasis on the quality of our services and we try to exceed these expectations.

By regularly analysing the drivers of business risk, we are able to assign Key Performance Indicators. The subsequent monitoring, reporting and analysis of these metrics at management meetings drives change. We won’t rest on our laurels; we listen to our customers and employees, aiming for continual improvement, performance and success.

Anti-corruption, anti-bribery and fraud

LandScope has a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud, bribery and corruption, and will take action against those who have perpetrated fraud, bribery or corruption. We are committed to transparency within our operations and have a dedicated whistleblowing policy to enable those who believe they have witnessed inappropriate activities to speak up.

Modern Slavery

Although not required to by legislation, LandScope are registered with the Gov.UK Modern Slavery Assessment Tool (MSAT). The MSAT is a modern slavery risk identification and management tool, designed to help organisations work in partnership with suppliers to improve protections and reduce the risk of exploitation of workers in their supply chains. 

We have taken steps to understand where there may be risks of modern slavery in our supply chain and will not enter into business with any organisation, in the UK or abroad, which knowingly supports or is found to be involved in slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour, unless the demonstrate a process in place that follows good practice in handling the occurrence.

GDPR, Data Privacy and Security

LandScope’s clients can trust that we have robust privacy, data protection and information security policies and procedures which ensure regulatory compliance and keep digital assets safe.

We consider data protection issues as part of the design and implementation of systems, services, products and business practices. We ensure that personal data is automatically protected in any IT system, service, and/or business practice, so that individuals should not have to take any specific action to protect their privacy.