Quality Policy


LandScope are continuously developing as a company, adapting to changes in the industry and frequently updating our procedures, equipment, technology, and training to deliver the highest level of service to our clients. Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the practices that we follow and the standards we uphold.

A Project Manager is assigned to each individual project, requiring accountability and ownership throughout the entire project life cycle. Our Project Managers have the requisite skills to ensure the best possible project performance.

For all survey operations, field teams collect data following defined procedures specified within our QMS system for the chosen equipment and technique. Carefully designed methodologies, input interfaces and templates ensure consistency in data collation.

LandScope operates a data HUB – an extended team focused on data processing and meeting benchmark quality gates. Within the HUB our surveyors, geophysicists, CAD technicians and 3D modellers work together seamlessly, ensuring the calibre of all our survey outputs and deliverables.

As part of our ‘Project First’ philosophy, measuring the level of quality across all our projects, LandScope operates a web-based feedback system where the client can comment on all aspects of our service and delivery. Dedicated time is allocated at management meetings to discuss any customer feedback (positive or negative) alongside any other identified non-conformance issues or QMS topics. We believe a transparent and holistic approach allows us to continuously evolve and improve our services.