LandScope offers a comprehensive range of periodic and real-time structural and environmental monitoring services across a range of industries. Our experienced team will assess each project and design a bespoke, fit for purpose monitoring solution taking into account the project duration, measurement frequency, accuracy, and required output. We use the latest sensors and software solutions to ensure we collect, analyse, manage, and deliver the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective monitoring data.


  • Geotechnical – tilt, strain, linear displacement, crack
  • Terrestrial – total station, GNSS, laser scanners
  • Environmental – dust, vibration, noise, temperature, rainfall, water level
  • Traditional – tell-tales, imagery, demec studs


Structural monitoring is the process of detecting and measuring changes to a structure over time. LandScope provides both periodic and real-time structural health monitoring solutions for structures such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, and plant. We are experienced in providing precise measurement and monitoring of all movement and utilise the latest high precision instrumentation including total stations, inclinometers, wireless tiltmeters, strain gauges, and various other sensors.


To support demolition and construction projects, and to help mitigate environmental risk, LandScope provides short and long-term environmental monitoring solutions in the form of noise, dust, air quality, and vibration monitoring. Environmental sensors can be linked to our online data portal ensuring all monitoring data is accessible in one easy to use platform.


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