19th August, 2013

Tasked with reducing office processing time, improving cartographic consistency and further refining field data collection techniques, the LandScope survey team set to work with software developers AIC to enhance the functionality of their AutoCAD plug in system  4Site.

Significant improvements were made with the integration of LandScope’s Trimble feature code library and 4site to unlock the drawing potentials of the software.  Changes were made to fit LandScope procedures but performed in a manner that would benefit the development of 4Site as a whole.

AutoCAD and 4site sit at the centre of LandScope deliverables, integrating key services such as autoMAP, geophysics and utility mapping.  Therefore it was imperative to have a CAD based system that would allow for consistency and future development.

In order to make the system all the more robust a field detail manual was constructed to clearly document how to best use attribute data and field techniques to improve efficiencies and quality in both the field and office.