Latest news from LandScope

21/05/2020 - Covid-19 Update
In accordance with Government guidance, LandScope Engineering are now available to deliver survey fieldwork where it is considered safe to do so. Our mobile survey solutions by nature reduce human contact in the field and all data processing and output...
Marine Asset Inspection
17/04/2020 - Marine Asset Inspection
LandScope has been awarded a dive clearance and data acquisition project in support of a 3D GIS marine asset inspection campaign. Our road towable, MCAL L2 survey vessel “Investigator”, will be used to collect high resolution underwater point cloud data...
Latest Updates to GPR Processing Software from 3D-Radar
15/04/2020 - Latest Updates to GPR Processing Software from 3D-Radar
3D-Radar have released the latest updates to their GPR software processing package, Examiner 3. Key updates include; Synchronised GPR data with field recorded video Increased picking speed of features and layers Improved trajectory processing – higher accuracy positioning And, no limitations...