“A deeper and Clearer insight”

18th January, 2024

GPR technology continues to develop rapidly, with the latest systems having the capacity to work over an improved bandwidth, providing higher resolution and deeper penetration.

Since 2004 LandScope have invested in the leading GPR systems in developing its technical expertise and data acquisition quality and efficiency. Recent additions to our fleet include:

Leica / IDS Chaser XR

The first to arrive in the UK market, this all-in-one compact GPR antenna is designed for flexible utility mapping and general geophysical survey including environmental assessment, archaeology and mapping of man-made structures.

Leica / IDS Stream DP

The Stream DP offers a GPR acquisition array based on the same EST technology (see deeper with higher resolution) as the Chaser XR. Configured for hand-push or vehicle-towed deployment the system offers rapid mass GPR data collection unlocking the ultimate in acquisition efficiency and subsurface data quality.

In accordance with LandScope’s focus on the most accurate geo-referencing of geophysical data, both systems benefit from high accuracy GNSS positioning with PPS time stamp functionality to facilitate IMU post-processed trajectory capability as required.

Please contact us to learn how these new arrivals may benefit your project.

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Chaser XR
Stream DP Slices In Geolitix