Advanced Utility Mapping Visualisations in a GIS World

15th January, 2019

As the UK reseller of industry leading Orbit software, LandScope has been developing ways to integrate 3D mapping (above the ground, subsurface and below the waterline) into a single 3D model / GIS within the Orbit environment.

LandScope has a strong background in underground infrastructure mapping and mobile mapping so recent developments such as mobile radar and an electronic underground feature record (EUFR) form have further enhanced the GIS model. Additionally, an electronic condition report form for the assessment of inspection chambers as well as the acquisition of full 360° down-chamber photography has meant that the breadth and quality of information collected in the field has increased the user experience at the desktop. A single inspection chamber assessment can now include a full inventory with attributions detailing utility type, depth, cover, chamber make-up and duct numbers/diameters in addition to full 360° visualisation tools to inspect mortar condition and presence of access rungs.

Traditional deliverables such as 2D and 3D drawings are often too limited in scope to include much of this data and as such valuable information can be lost. Therefore, bringing this detailed ground asset georeferenced database into a GIS platform with mobile mapping content (imagery and photography) and multibeam point cloud (where applicable) is adding real significant value by utilising an array of data sets derived form a multitude of survey sensors/techniques into one homogeneous model.