The volumes and complexities of survey data appear to be on an ever-increasing scale. The challenge of managing these datasets requires appropriate IT infrastructure and software, with an increased appreciation of data quality. Whilst the options for software solutions are plentiful, the reliance on the surveyor’s appreciation for data quality, accuracy, and reliability/technical certainty, is now greater than ever.  

At LandScope we challenge and test all data acquisition and processing systems to ensure outputs are fit for purpose and giving us the critical technical certainty. We do not accept a “black box” and “black magic” outcome.  

We advise clients on data modelling and deliverable outputs to best suit their application. We dis-entangle the minefield of data formats and advise on how data can best propagate through clients established workflows, without the need for further system capex. We also appreciate that not every client has the infrastructure to handle big complex data – so we distil and offer data-hosting and sharing platforms through which clients may access, interrogate, and manipulate their data through a simple web browser. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of these issues; we want for our survey data to be common currency.