Developing New Survey Solutions Utilising 3D Laser Scanning

12th December, 2014

A recent laser scanning project required the design and test of a technical solution for the verticality measurement of auger installed pile systems. Previously, the client had employed rudimentary techniques which did not achieve an appropriate accuracy and reliability. It was essential the proposed survey solution fitted within the existing site workflow, i.e. the drilled hole being available for survey for a maximum window of 30 minutes before insertion of the cage system.

LandScope is always keen to explore and devise new methods of working and we therefore proposed a solution incorporating laser scanning technology, specifically with the deployment of our in-house Faro Focus 3D laser scanner.

Based on the results of the verticality survey trial, it was found that the laser scanning approach had proved a successful solution, providing accuracy, appropriate range, and the ability to meet the workflow timescales.

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