Extending the Digital Twin Concept Underwater

5th January, 2022

LandScope is working to develop and extend the digital twin for bridge inspection beneath the waterline.

As detailed in Bentley Systems’ article within Bridge Design and Engineering (read online here), application of UAV technology has enabled the bridge asset owner to conduct 90% of top-side bridge inspection from the office; removing an extraordinary amount of access and engineer time.

LandScope developed this concept one stage further with deployment of a range of high resolution sonar sensors to enable visualisation of the bridge asset below the waterline – exposing scour, accretion, structural defects, flow inhibition and any other factors which may assist in asset management.

As a Bentley Channel Partner, the range of products that we offer allow multi-sensor data sets – sonar, LiDAR, photographic and aerial – to be viewed, shared and analysed in an online portal. A powerful tool for asset managers and owners.

If you would like more information on any of our bridge survey and inspection solutions, please contact our commercial team on 01694 731930 or enquiries@land-scope.com.



Henley Bridge (2)
Gainsborough Overview 2
BluView Bank deformation and outfall annotate