Freestyling It

30th May, 2023

We were asked to provide technical support at an unusual site in London recently. The client needed to survey a deep shaft on a portion of land earmarked for development and had been unable to locate any records about this mysterious structure.

We determined that the initial stage of the project would benefit from the use of the Faro Focus 120 deployed via an inverted tripod to enable terrestrial scanning within the structure. Then, in order to capture as much information about the soffit of the shaft – most importantly the beams that were holding up the slab / opening above ground – we decided to put the new FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner through its paces. The unit is very lightweight and highly flexible, able to be used with just one hand, even when dangling from a rope over a watery pit in low light levels.

The fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture with real-time display enabled on-site review of results to ensure that all details were captured sufficiently and a costly high-risk return visit was avoided. The Faro Focus scans were geo-referenced above ground and the Faro Freestyle data was cloud matched to it, creating one homogenous point cloud enabling structural engineers to make an assessment of the beams below the soffit using measurements from the point cloud.

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Faro handheld laser scanner from above
Faro handheld laser scanner
Faro Handheld scanner - action