Hitting the Wall – with everything we’ve got

20th April, 2022

With recent and regular unprecedented flood events, our river walls and defences have never been under so much pressure.

Technology has developed to go some way in fighting the destruction of these insatiable flood water forces and providing a reliable risk register for prioritisation of remedial works.

LandScope regularly surveys these structures with:

  • Sonar: high resolution multibeam sonar models scour, undercut, wall damage, and other wall and bed anomalies
  • Lidar and Telephoto Imagery: acquired from opposite bank or from vessel platform
  • Impulse Radar (GPR): to map voiding within the wall structure
  • Ultrasonic Measurement: in the case of condition of steel sheet piles walls
  • UAV / Drone Inspection

Combining these technologies and survey applications means we provide our customers with the complete picture and risk model.

These technology outputs allow for a more informed design in support of asset protection.

For more information on any of the solutions listed above, please contact our commercial team on 01694 731930 or enquiries@land-scope.com.