Investment in Latest Fixed Wing UAV

11th July, 2017

LandScope’s established UAV partner, DM&S, have recently invested in the eBee Plus fixed wing UAV which offers:

  • Large Coverage for Optimal Efficiency: Maximum coverage of 40km2
  • High Precision on Demand (HPoD): Built in RTK/PPK functionality and survey-grade accuracy – removing the need for ground control points
  • Project-Perfect Payloads: The first camera designed for photogrammetric drone mapping enabling the acquisition of high resolution aerial RGB images

The eBee Plus is an extremely efficient data collection tool and is the UAV of choice for projects with large survey areas. It has a flight time of circa. 59 mins with a capability to map up to 2.3km² in a single 122m (400ft) flight.

If you wish to utilise our UAV survey capabilities in an upcoming project, please contact Sarah Jones with your specific requirements.