LandScope Run Programming Module for NMiTE Students

1st December, 2021

LandScope are a proud partner of NMiTE (New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering) – an initiative backed by government, educators and industry to transform engineering education in Britain.

This month our Senior Geophysicist, Oliver Perratt, ran a programming module for NMiTE and set students a challenge of presenting GPR data in CAD.

LandScope have a wide range of GPR systems in our fleet and use the latest industry technologies to homogenise the results and present them clearly as a .dwg. We gave students data from a variety of these systems and tasked them with displaying the data in CAD as efficiently as possible. What better way to challenge the next generation of engineers than to improve upon the industry’s best?

We have received some fantastic feedback the students who are keen to learn more about the surveying industry and what we do at LandScope Engineering. If you are interested in LandScope Engineering running a workshop at your college or university, please get in touch to discuss opportunities.

NMiTE - OPe 2