LandScope sets its BIM sights high

24th February, 2012

LandScope have recently produced full 3D measured survey of 20 floors of Europe’s tallest building, The Shard.

With a full 360° field of view and almost a million scan points per second, the FARO Focus 3D laser scanner allowed rapid high accuracy data collection enabling the survey to progress at 4 floors per day.

The resultant point cloud data set has been used to produce as-built floor plans, service duct and pipe-work geometries and even coordinate concrete slab tension cables markings.

Not only has the resultant model data provided by LandScope formed the essential starting point for the design of floor partitioning, new service installation and furbishing of what will be one of London’s most desirable hotel locations, the point cloud model has become a fundamental building block for the BIM process.