LandScope Support the Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing Project

9th November, 2021

Our survey vessel, “Investigator” has been commissioned to provide precision bathymetric survey in support of the Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing project.

The Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing will link the A47 at Harfrey’s roundabout to the port and the enterprise zone via South Denes Road on the other side of the River Yare. Construction started in January 2021 and the bridge is planned to be operational and open to traffic by early 2023.

The high resolution survey is designed to monitor river bed sediment movement – scour and accretion – as the construction works develop. Baseline surveys were conducted in early 2021 and regular monitoring surveys are scheduled to model change with river piling and associated construction works. The dedicated R2Sonic multibeam system onboard Investigator allows for exceptional repeatability in terms of both accuracy and resolution, which in turn facilitates a near-real-time monitoring report compilation.

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