LandScope’s Race to Zero

16th December, 2021

As part of our Environment and Sustainability planning we decided to vigorously analyse our Carbon Management program and find ways to reduce our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions wherever we could. This involved oodles of research, advice from the Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP), and training from GEP Environmental.

Some of our 2021 plans were ambitious, including the installation of our Head Office solar panels, and others have been chipping away at the harder to define Scope 3 Emissions.

One of our more curious projects has been to reinvigorate our waste disposal system by installing an on-site compost system. Biodegradable kitchen waste and any and all suitable discarded pulp and paper are now diverted to this innovative waste stream, estimating to save 0.5tCO2e (half a tonne!) of GHG emissions each year.

A rather wonderful side effect of developing this corner of the wild meadow into compost bays has been the regular visitations of a hedgehog. Given that we didn’t want to disturb it when managing the compost, we have purchased a Hedgehog Hotel, and hope that it will soon be moving in for a winter sleep. Along with our locally-made birdhouses and Guardian Bee boxes, this small measure will hopefully help address another of our company Sustainability Development Goals to reduce biodiversity loss.

This is one small step on our Carbon Neutral pathway, but everything counts on the United Nation’s Race to Zero. After a year of collecting data we look forward to setting our Science Based Targets for the coming years.

Hedgehog Hotel1