LandScope’s Underwater Surveys – Not Just for Bridges!

19th August, 2015

We often focus on how our Teledyne BlueView equipment can be used to inspect the condition of bridge structures. However, its capabilities stretch far wider than this; take a recent project we completed in Sheffield as an example.

We were contracted by the Canal and River Trust to undertake a survey of the area beneath The Straddle, a building that rests upon columns and piers above the canal basin, in order to determine:

  • The condition of the building foundations;
  • Any voids under or around the building foundations;
  • The condition of and any voids to the adjoining canal walls, and;
  • The level of silt build up.

By utilising the BlueView system alongside our Faro Focus laser scanner, we were able to produce a composite point cloud model – integrating the underwater and above water datasets – that resolved each of the initial objectives.