Latest Technology Offers Innovative Solutions to Bridge Maintenance Sector

17th June, 2014

The inspection and survey of bridge infrastructures brings with it many challenges, and the traditional method of evaluation is diver based inspection. LandScope are able to offer innovative solutionsto the bridge maintenance sector, based on the latest proven technologies.

Specialising in mapping, measuring and modelling above ground, below ground and underwater, Landscope provide the capability to acquire high resolution LiDAR, photography and SoNAR from a number of methods which are best suited to the type of bridge, the bridge span and the location.

Each project undertaken is custom designed to ensure the safest and most efficient solution and the highest accuracy and resolution deliverable.  As an example, scour risk assessment and below water asset condition is better understood from a high resolution, geometrically correct SoNAR point cloud than from traditional diver based inspection.  Click here for an example of a bridge inspection project undertaken utilising this method.