LandScope Takes its Mobile GPR System Off-Road for HS2

14th August, 2018

LandScope Engineering has been offering its custom built Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (MGPR) system for many years. As a natural progression, and driven by a recent increase in demand – particularly for completing PAS 128 quality surveys in challenging environments (HS2 and brownfield developments) – LandScope have re-engineered their mobile GPR system for off road data collection.

LandScope have reconfigured the GPR array so that it is now compatible with our Kawasaki Mule all terrain vehicle (ATV). The Kawasaki Mule is all wheel drive and has the added advantage of having a much smaller footprint compared to our traditional mobile GPR unit, allowing access into much tighter areas and sites than previously possible.

The system is compatible for accurate positioning using both a GNSS receiver and our mobile mapping system, the Topcon IP-S3. The mobile mapping system benefits from an inbuilt IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and SLAM processing for high accuracy positioning even in environments where GNSS on it’s own may struggle. As an additional by-product, the IP-S3 also collects high resolution point cloud and full 360 degree imagery which can be used for a wide range of applications including locating archaeological earthworks and mapping of utility related infrastructure (manhole, street lights, utility cabinets etc.).

Once data has been collected and accurately positioned, it is sent back to the LandScope office for post processing and interpretation. The post processing and interpretation off-site is a fundamental step in maximising the success of any GPR survey. Advanced filtering and the ability to visualise multiple lines of data along with background mapping, EM locator tracings, manhole inspection cards and statutory records all ensure the highest detection rate for features.

LandScope have also developed the all terrain system to act as a multi sensor platform with the aim of completing multi-disciplined surveys. These include;

  • utility mapping
  • topographical surveys
  • archaeology
  • environmental surveys (landfill / contaminated land)
  • mapping areas of metallic waste

For example, the mobile GPR array may be combined with the mobile mapping system and an electromagnetic sensor (CMD mini conductivity mapper) for simultaneous data acquisition.

LandScope – Off Road Mobile GPR