Mobile Radar in its Final Development Stages

26th July, 2016

The newest addition to the LandScope service portfolio, our Mobile Radar, is now in its final development stages with testing taking place in Shropshire over the past week.

Our mobile radar service allows for the rapid and efficient acquisition of GPR data over large survey areas. The attachment of a multi-antenna GPR array to our highways survey vehicle allows a wide swatch to be covered with each pass and removes the need for road closures or costly traffic management.

Benefits of our Mobile Radar include:

  • Rapid data acquisition (up to 50 linear km per day),
  • Multi frequency solution provides the appropriate resolution, facilitating a wide array of applications,
  • Augments traditional hand-pushed GPR and EML systems in providing the most complete underground mapping solution,
  • Mitigates the high costs of traffic management and carriageway possessions,
  • Reduces health and safety risk to survey personnel,
  • PAS-128 and BIM compatible outputs,
  • All data acquisition is geo-references, benefiting from GNSS, military grade inertial navigation system and odometry to provide the highest accuracy deliverable output in either 2D or 3D.

If you wish to utilise our Mobile Radar in an upcoming project, please contact Martin Berry with your specific requirements.

Further information on our Mobile Radar can be found on our website.