Monitoring Growth 24/7

15th September, 2023

LandScope have recently installed and commissioned a robust multi-sensor array – to monitor, in real-time, the dynamics of a failing river wall throughout the extensive remedial works programme.

Based on a core Trimble 4D monitoring architecture, visualization and analysis of monitoring data is readily available to stakeholders.

The monitoring configuration was carefully considered to facilitate alarming (early warning) in support of operational safety. The configuration includes for:

  • Legacy periodic monitoring – 1” Trimble S7 Total Station
  • Terrestrial Lidar point cloud (Heat Mapping) – 1” SX12 scanning Total Station
  • Real-time robotic Total Station – 1” Trimble S8 Total Station with finelock
  • Senceive(Flat-Mesh) – Wireless Tri-axial tilt sensors
  • Geosense (Wi-SOS 480) – Wireless bi-axial tilt sensors
  • Sigicom  – S50 noise monitors and V12 vibration geophones
  • Valeport – Tidemaster
  • Daily settlement monitoring – Trimble Dini 0.3 digital level

The design of monitoring networks becomes an ever-increasing sophistication of core survey knowledge, experience and the latest IT Infrastructure.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 135816
Screenshot 2023-09-14 155451
Screenshot 2023-09-14 135751