Multi-Disciplined Survey of a London Dock

12th September, 2018

A proposed residential development on the River Thames at Battersea, South London, included plans to alter the position of an existing dock wall. Historical information suggested that a bund wall once existed within the dock. However, given the build up of sediment, it was no longer visible and therefore the extents could not be determined.

Survey Aims

• Accurate mapping and positional survey of the dock wall
• Condition/defect report of the dock wall
• Map dock base levels
• Map typical depth of silt at bottom of the dock
• Determine whether a bund exists and if so map the extents

To address the survey aims, LandScope completed the following:

Positioning and Condition Survey

• Installation of survey control to Ordnance Survey Grid/Datum
• Full colour, high resolution laser scanning survey
• High resolution photographic survey

Subsurface Mapping [Bund Extents and Sediment Depths]

• Hand / Peat Corer
• Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)
• Spot Ground Penetrating Radar Measurements

A full case study can be found here; Multi Disciplined Survey of London Dock