Ordnance Survey adopting Smart Technologies from LandScope

16th July, 2018

LandScope were commissioned by the Ordnance Survey to supply 3D data covering an area of Manchester City Centre.

LandScope had high-resolution LiDAR point cloud and 360° panoramic imagery data ready and available to supply to the OS following a previous mobile mapping campaign carried out along a number of busy streets in Manchester city centre. It was a challenging environment where LandScope were able to increase the achievable accuracies by using measured ground control points to further constrain the mobile mapping data set.

The provision of 3D data to the Ordnance Survey enabled them to roll out the data to the wider GIS community and to their existing Orbit user base. With the Ordnance Survey being existing Orbit users, LandScope were able to supply the data to augment their existing model to fully visualise, assess and accurately extract highway infrastructure assets with full attribution intelligence for rapid GIS population and smart city modelling.

A case study of this project can be found here.