Scanning Above and Below the Waterline

2nd June, 2015

We have recently completed a combined above water and underwater point cloud survey in Dorset, in order to:

  • Identify any remaining rock amour;
  • Map the seabed level, and;
  • Check the length of visible sheet piling.

This was achieved by using the Trimble TX8 laser scanner to scan the area at spring low tide, followed by using the Teledyne BlueView BV5000 scanning sonar to scan the area at high tide.

The resultant data has been used to create a composite model resolving each of the initial objectives, as highlighted by the image on the right.

A video focusing on the search for rock amour is available to view below.

Find out more about our integrated above and below water scanning services by viewing our 3D Scanning and Modelling webpage and downloading the relevant information pamphlet.