Structural GPR Survey of Service Reservoir

15th October, 2018

The service reservoir in question was of early Victorian construction and consisted of a single compartment. It was constructed below surface level and had lines of columns supporting brick vaulted ceilings. Only a small access building is visible from the surface.

The reservoir had developed a significant leak and had been fully drained to allow our structural radar survey to take place. The reservoir was to remain empty until subsequent remedial works and general ongoing maintenance had taken place.

LandScope proposed to survey the base slab of the reservoir using a high frequency GPR array. The array consisted of 8 antennas centred on a frequency of 1GHz. The 1GHz frequency was selected to provide a high resolution data set whilst being able to penetrate through the concrete slab and into the natural ground below. The eight antenna system allowed for rapid data collection over a significant survey area in a single site shift.

The main objective of the survey was to locate any significant voiding or water pathways that may be allowing water to escape.

A detailed case study of the project can be found here; Structural GPR Survey of Service Reservoir