Weird Weir Findings

12th April, 2023

A routine inspection of a large weir on the River Trent recently located some interesting underwater artefacts to an exceptional level of detail: a sunken boat, a canon, and a car with the door left open.

Our new Norbit iWBMS Turnkey Multibeam Sonar System, captured the data from our nimble vessel Polecat II. Despite the frosty winter weather our hardy team were able to safely deploy from beyond the navigation safety boom up to the weir crest.

Fascinating images for our CAT-A Senior Hydrographic Surveyor to uncover; we just hope that whoever made an emergency evacuation from their vehicle made it to safety quickly. Find out more about our inshore and nearshore hydrographic services on our website, or get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss your project requirements.

Polecat Norbit deployment
Beeston deployment3
Beeston deployment
Sunken car
Sunken boat4