Wrecks, Rocks and Extraordinary Currents

6th November, 2023

We are very relieved to have completed the multibeam bathymetric campaign in the Scapa Flow Approaches. With weather closing in and days shortening, our intrepid crew managed to make the most of every minute of favourable weather and sea conditions to wrap up the scope.

Two Spring Tides – one of which associated with the super-moon – conspired to challenge line-keeping with 10+ knot tidal flows. Un-mapped areas are now charted, and a ‘lucky’ wreck was surveyed daily as part of our quality control checks.

Autumn and Winter look to be busy for the hydrographic team with scheduled projects in Plymouth, East Anglia, Snowdonia and Gibraltar…

Orkney MBES of whole survey area
MicrosoftTeams-image (4) (1)
Triton Bank (Chart View)