Aerial Versatility

21st June, 2023

An aerial perspective is always of value and the applications of our UAV (drone) fleet continues to grow.

Over the last months our UAVs have worked on:

  • Coastal schemes – augmentation of hydrographic models into the inter-tidal zone
  • Flood risk assessments – the production of digital terrain models over areas inaccessible on foot
  • River infrastructure inspections – including weirs and overflow channels
  • Stockpile analysis – monthly 3D stockpile models in determination of asset value
  • Topographical survey of inaccessible terrain

LandScope operate fixed wing and rotor UAV solutions and can design a survey campaign to meet your needs. Find out how the aerial perspective can benefit your measurement, survey and inspection requirements, or get in touch.

20160918 AV04 Canal bridge inspection 016
Dock inspection
Estate inspection
Redcar Colour Coded