World Hydrography Day 2023

22nd June, 2023

Celebrating World Hydrography Day with the International Hydrographic Association!

The theme this year is “Hydrography – Underpinning the Digital Twin of the Ocean”, aiming to “develop a consistent, high-resolution, multidimensional and near real-time virtual representation of the ocean that could make ocean knowledge open-access, available to citizens, scientists and policy-makers around the world, and will provide a platform for global cooperation”.

LandScope’s versatile vessel fleet can often be found on the inshore and offshore waters off the UK, even at short notice owing to road-towable capabilities. Our principal focus is on high resolution which lends itself well to the ‘Digital Twin’ concept. We aim to model underwater asset infrastructure and the topography and nature of the seabed to the highest level of detail with the highest level of accuracy.

We are just as happy to be at a busy port in the South of England as we are in the wild islands of Scotland. No day is ever the same for our busy marine team.

Please get in touch to discuss your project requirements or take a look at our full range of hydrographic, oceanographic and marine asset inspection services.


Point cloud
WHD - LandScope
Point cloud sea wall