Assessing the Flood Damage to Linton Bridge

29th March, 2016

Our Teledyne BlueView BV5000 sonar scanner was busy in Yorkshire this month capturing high resolution underwater point cloud data at Linton Bridge to assess and visualise the level of bridge undercut and scouring caused by the December 2015 floods.

Due to a 5m exclusion zone we were unable to go under the bridge itself.  However, LandScope’s 3D Services Manager, Tom Card, deployed the tripod mounted BlueView BV5000 from our safety boat, ‘Chipmunk’, a safe distance away from the bridge.

The sonar scanner captured 360-degree data from 20 metres upstream and 20 metres downstream from the bridge, giving our client a highly detailed 3D point cloud of the bridge structure in addition to river bed levels as requested.

For more information on our bridge survey and inspection services please take a moment to look at our website or contact our 3D Services Manager, Tom Card with any questions.