River Foss Bed Modelling

31st March, 2016

A redevelopment of the Foss Basin pumping system is underway in York following the heavy rainfall and flooding earlier this year. As part of the redevelopment, LandScope was asked to create a high resolution river bed model and structure of the Foss Basin using our Teledyne BlueView BV5000 scanning sonar.

Our hydrographic surveying team deployed the tripod mounted BlueView BV5000 from our survey vessel, ‘River Rat’, to capture data from around thirty individual scan locations around the basin.

The scans were registered to create a high definition 3D point cloud of the underwater environment, including bed and walls, from which data sections were created to meet the requirements of our client.

For further information on the BlueView system or any other flood related survey services, please contact 3D Survey Services Manager, Tom Card.

You can also find additional information on our Bridge Survey and Inspection or Hydrographic Survey Services webpages.