Bird’s Eye View

14th August, 2019

As we all come to terms with the implications – good and bad – of drone / UAV technology, it is becoming increasingly clear that it has a real valuable role in the survey industry.

Often, UAV data is no more than a ‘nice to have’, giving the surveyor and end user an alternative perspective and context to the site. However, LandScope has recently deployed UAV to specific applications which have had major bearing and impact on our projects. Recent examples include:

  • Delineation of a herringbone land drain system across multiple sports pitches, augmenting and confirming ground penetrating radar survey.
  • Definition and condition of multiple flue / chimney systems atop a grade 1 listed building
  • Inspection of maritime infrastructure – navigation aids etc. – which are inaccessible by land or water

LandScope regularly deploy UAV systems to pipeline / cable route surveys, asset management applications and heritage surveys.

For more information, contact our commercial team on 01694 731930 or email us at enquiries@land-scope.comĀ