Fastershire – Business Broadband Grant at LandScope HQ

5th July, 2019

Last year we successfully secured a Marches and Gloucestershire Broadband Grant to bring high speed internet connectivity to our rural Head Office near Shrewsbury.

Hear our Principal Surveyor, Tom Card, tell you what benefits this has brought to LandScope:

LandScope commissioned Secure Web Services to install the very latest radio wave technology and IT infrastructure for the provision of a uncontended service with achievable speeds of up to 1000/1000 Mbps.

This will allow us to further develop such initiatives to streamline:

  • delivering digital survey area more efficiently through cloud based data hosting and visualisation platforms
  • the management and handling of large volume data sets for our client base (LiDAR, Sonar, high resolution imagery)
  • web and mobile online accessibility to a comprehensive range of spatial data resources
  • data transmission to overseas geospatial groups and partners
  • smarter and more effective data acquisition and data processing techniques
  • communications and connectivity for field and remote working
  • backup and data replication services