COVID-19: Safe Support to Critical Works

8th April, 2020

Although LandScope’s field survey teams are largely on stand down, we are still offering support to critical infrastructure projects where safe to do so. We have recently been engaged for example on hydrographic and mobile mapping works in support of water reservoir and communication networks.

Investing additional time in risk assessments and cooperating with clients in the development of our method statement, our mobile survey solutions are underpinning the appropriate survey solutions.

With an attendant vehicle to ensure no lone working, the Pegasus:Two Ultimate mobile mapping system may be mobilised on a day by day basis from either of our operating offices and still achieve great swathes of survey coverage. We are fortunate to have two team members in a family group and therefore even our hydrographic survey solutions are manageable when project criticality justifies.

If you would like more information on any of our mobile survey solutions please contact our commercial team on 01694 731930 or