Dam Monitoring Project, 7 Years On!

14th October, 2021

After 7 years, we thought our longest running movement monitoring project deserved the spotlight on our blog this week!

The LandScope monitoring team have attended the various dam sites over forty visits, each bringing its own challenges associated with Mid Wales weather and terrain.

Each dam has a bespoke survey control network consisting of strategically placed concrete pillars. This ensures we repeatedly achieve the highest order of accuracy required to meet the project specification.

In an effort to reduce systematic errors, the team have relied on their trusty Trimble S8 1” total station which is maintained under a service contract by Survey Solutions Scotland. Utilising Trimble S8’s fine lock technology has provided measurement reliability, ensuring that the correct prism is measured even in poor weather conditions.

The survey outputs were historically provided using spreadsheets, however have since migrated to being hosted on our Trimble T4D server which operates securely on our Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 approved network infrastructure. Trimble T4D offers our client 24/7 access to sophisticated reporting, visualisation, analysis, and alarming tools accessible through any standard web browser.

In addition to the periodic monitoring visits, our team have also undertaken asset inspections of each structure through deployment of UAV. The high resolution imagery was delivered via our GIS based Orbit 3DM Cloud portal from Bentley Systems.

If you would like more information on any of our monitoring solutions please contact our commercial team on 01694 731930 or enquiries@land-scope.com.

We’re sure you’ll agree that our team have captured some great images on this project over the years! 



T4D 1
T4D 2
Border crop-10