Dock Inspections

15th August, 2023

Our nimble vessel ‘s.v.Polecat II’ was recently invited to Liverpool to carry out dock inspections. The resultant dataset, created from the combined Teledyne Blueview Scanning Sonar, Norbit Multibeam Echosounder, and Trimble SX10 Laser Scanner systems, were considered by our client to be quite remarkable.

Polecat is easily road-towable; it is highly versatile and manoeuvrable on the water owing to its lightweight but tough GPR hull design. Its large open deck, drop bow system, and bow A-frame make for easy deployment of all types of equipment: BlueView, Oceanographic Sensors, Bed Sampling, Water Sampling and more.

We’ve deployed our versatile vessel fleet all over the UK for a vast range of client needs. The vessels are even easily transportable by ferry to surrounding islands, having worked at Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, and many beautiful Scottish offshore locations.

Whatever the nature of your location and underwater structure, LandScope would be glad to talk to you about it, just get in touch.

Polecat Survey Vessel3
Topside scanning
3106 Canning Dock Detail1
3106 Canning Dock point cloud2
3106 Canning Dock Detail2