Droning On

30th March, 2015

This spring LandScope Engineering completed a significant topographical survey near Wigan. A large area with access limited by dense vegetation and expanses of marshland required an innovative and efficient solution.

A blend of suitably deployed terrestrial survey techniques integrated with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or drone, was employed to maximise survey data coverage and acquisition efficiencies.

The UAV survey was employed for the collection of ‘soft’ survey detail such as lines of vegetation and levels across grass and scrub land. This approach also has the added benefit of being able to provide a digital elevation model, ortho-rectified photography and subsequent detail on features such as ditches and banks in areas otherwise inaccessible due to dense vegetation and marshland.

‘Hard’ detail such as road, paths and inspection covers were captured by traditional means where the illustration of complex features and accuracy of data were of paramount importance.

This particular case demonstrates how UAV technology is able to augment traditional survey techniques and deliver richer and more extensive data over our customers’ sites.

For more information on our UAV surveys, provided in partnership with Digital Mapping & Survey, please click here.