Environment, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Protection of the environment, sustainable thinking and focus upon social corporate responsibilities has always been a fundamental business practice for LandScope, filtering down from the strong beliefs of its directors. LandScope supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and makes every effort to apply these ambitious intentions within both the larger framework of our activities and on a day-to-day basis.

We have recently received support and advice from our local Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) and have projects afoot to make even greater progress towards setting Science Based Targets (SBT) with the aim of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – and dropping to net-zero by 2050, if not sooner, in line with the global SBT initiative.

The head office is based in a sympathetically restored but purposefully designed barn complex. Every effort has been made to reduce the carbon footprint of this centuries-old, converted building, including very high levels of insulation, ground source heat pump technology for heating, and efficient LED Lighting. We have a rainwater harvesting system to supply water needs where it is safe to do so and composting facilities for disposal of all biodegradable products.

In order to further reduce fossil fuel consumption, we strive to effectively manage fleet vehicle utilisation. We ensure all vehicles are correctly maintained and that appropriate resources are deployed from the nearest feasible office, avoiding long single-occupant journeys where possible. Employees receive advanced driver training to optimise driving practices and thus reduce fuel emissions. We are keeping a keen eye on the commercial electric vehicle market, with hopes to make the switch when achievable vehicle ranges become realistic to serve our national (and international) coverage.

At LandScope, nature and employee welfare go hand in hand and there are many other growing initiatives to improve not only local and global biodiversity, but simultaneously nurture employee wellbeing:

  • An established fruit orchard and picnic area
  • Development of a berry garden where employees can wander to take a break from their desks whilst snacking and harvesting organically grown produce
  • A low-mow site maintenance scheme to let grasses and wild flowers reach their full height during the summer months and planting of nectar-rich and pollinator friendly flowers and bushes
  • Bird boxes, bee boxes and support of the Guardian Bee Project
  • A well-supported Cycle to Work scheme (even notwithstanding the 900ft elevation of the LandScope head office in the Long Mynd foothills!)
  • Access to a custom-converted campervan for free holidays
  • Only purchasing FSC-certified paper goods
  • Avoidance of single-use plastics where possible and encouragement of staff to take reusable vessels for refreshments

LandScope were proud to support local heroine Kelda Wood with her solo row of the Atlantic and her ongoing work at Climbing Out. LandScope also supports Hope House Children’s Hospice.

Awarded the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management accreditation, our team across the country commits to ensuring the continual development of our sustainability program and ongoing improvement of our environmental performance.