Excitement Surrounds New Developments within the Orbit Suite

25th September, 2019

Integrated with Intergeo, the recent Orbit user conference has created a stir of excitement amongst LandScope and its supported Orbit users. It appears that the development team has been exceptionally busy with newly released features and capabilities including:

  • New and improved automated extraction tools
  • Support for meshes and 3D models
  • A suite of new measurement functions
  • A marketplace to sell your data
  • Improved data handling capabilities

The last twelve months have seen LandScope’s customer base firmly embrace the concept of cloud-based visualisation and management of 3D point cloud, vector and photographic data sets. Orbit 3D Mapping Cloud has been at the forefront of enabling multi-faceted, multi-sensor survey data sets to be effortlessly viewed, analysed, measured and annotated without the need for significant investment in desktop-based software.

The concept has also significantly benefited customers who have limited capability to install software due to restrictive IT systems. The only requirement for the 3D Mapping Cloud is a web browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer. As 3D Mapping Cloud is built on HTML5, it can be readily viewed on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets as well as being shared amongst multiple users without compromising on security.

If you would like more information on or a demonstration of any of the Orbit products, then please contact our commercial team on 01694 731930 or enquiries@land-scope.com