Mobile GPR Becomes the Standard

18th September, 2019

Since its early summer development, LandScope’s mobile ground penetrating radar (MGPR) system has completed over 50 miles of high resolution survey.

Deployments have included trunk roads, city centres, military bases and a university campus. In each case, the survey project and budget have benefited from an unprecedented survey resolution and considerable cost savings respectively.

Depending on application, the system is designed and configured to allow data acquisition up to full highway speed, mitigating the requirement for road closures and costly traffic management.

The radar record is produced from a high density, 20 channel (0.75cm spaced) antenna array with an effective swath width of 1.5m. It benefits from an exceptionally high accuracy trajectory resolved by either a Topcon IP-S3 or Leica Pegasus P2U mobile mapping system.

Given the mobile GPR system is deployed with a mobile mapping system, the end user may benefit from a high resolution LiDAR data set and photography. Sight and understanding of the carriageway surface and associated topside utility infrastructure (e.g. street lamps, stop valves, induction loops etc.) enables a much greater informed interpretation of subsurface data sets. This sophisticated approach is exceptionally valuable in the provision of PAS 128 buried utility surveys.

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