GPR Acquisition using Mobile Radar

21st June, 2016

Our Geophysical Team were recently contracted to acquire GPR data in a congested area of Bristol to meet PAS128 Level 4 specifications. The site, located outside Bristol Temple Meads train station, called for rapid and efficient acquisition of GPR data along two main carriageways.

To ensure minimal disruption, the new addition to the LandScope service portfolio, ourĀ Mobile Radar, was employed to acquire the data at carriageway speed and under normal road conditions.

A multi-antenna GPR array was towed behind a highways survey vehicle, covering a wide swath with each pass and removing the need for road closures or costly traffic management.

For a highway mapping project such as this, the mobile radar can be used in conjunction with our Mobile Mapping service to create a combined above and below road model.

Further information on our mobile radar and its applications can be found here or you may contact Martin Berry with any specific technical or project requirements.