Grape Expectations

19th April, 2023

A client in Southern England got in touch to see if we could support the development of an exciting addition to their property – a vineyard! They had pinpointed a great location for the siting of their project, but unfortunately some trial pit excavations had flagged up rubble and building debris under the grass. They wanted to understand the extent of the issue throughout their site.

Our Geophysical Team planned the most efficient and non-invasive approach to interpret the subsurface over such an area. Firstly a Geomatrix G-864 Magnetometer was deployed using our proprietary hand-pulled cart system over a pre-planned grid system. The underground debris would exhibit magnetic anomalies that differ from clean unbroken ground and soil. Following on-site analysis of this initial survey, areas of interest were identified for a more in-depth analysis. A Leica DS2000 radar detection cart was then used on these targeted areas to attempt to constrain depths to which debris reached.

This approach is commonly used to find old building foundations and archaeological sites. Sadly, but importantly, it is increasingly used as a means to flag up areas that have been used for illegal landfill. If you want to find out what is under your feet then read about our services or get in touch.

We wish our client the very best with their project and hope we can look forward to enjoying a bottle of their finest vintage in a few years’ time!

Magnetometry Survey2
Magnetometry Cart2