Installation of Automatic Crack Meter Network

4th April, 2016

LandScope Surveyors have recently visited a building in the heart of London where a number of large cracks have formed over time on the front and rear elevations of the building.

Prompted by the redevelopment of an adjacent site, LandScope was contracted to carry out an automated crack monitoring survey on the building and install 9 VW Crack Meters across each identified crack.

Each of the crack meters installed by LandScope are connected to a wireless, battery powered multi-channel node which communicates directly to the data logger. The crack meters have been set up to log at fifteen minute intervals for the three-year lifespan of the project. More crack meters can be added at a later date if new cracks were to appear as the system is fully expandable.

The gathered data can be accessed by our surveyors, the site engineer or the clients’ project managers via a cellular mobile connection for download and reporting purposes.

Additional information on our Movement Monitoring Services can be found on our  website.