Integrated Scour Survey Solution for River Trent

11th October, 2016

A recent project saw our survey vessel Chipmunk deployed as part of an integrated survey solution assessing the level of scour under two parallel railway bridges across the River Trent.

Utilising the Teledyne BlueView BV5000 scanning sonar, tripod mounted from our safety boat Chipmunk, we were able to capture high resolution 360-degree visualisations of the underwater structures as well as the river bed typography.

The acquisition of a full terrestrial laser scan of both railway bridge structures, using our Faro Focus 3D, combined with the BlueView sonar data gave our client a highly detailed and accurate 3D model of both above and below water elements in order to determine the extent of scour.

For more information on our bridge survey and inspection services please take a moment to look at our website or contact our 3D Services Manager, Tom Card with any questions.