LandScope Commits to Next Generation Mobile Mapping System

2nd May, 2017

LandScope mobile mapping capabilities have strengthened with our recent investment in the Topcon IPS3 HDI system, offering simultaneous high density, high precision point clouds and high resolution panoramas of features to a range of 100 metres.

Equipped with the latest generation Velodyne HDL32 LiDAR scanner and Ladybug 5 360° 30-megapixel camera, the IPS3 HDI mobile mapping system collects a continuous point cloud at a rate of 700,000 points per second.

The lightweight, compact design of the IPS3 HDI means it can be easily mounted on different platforms for quick deployment. In addition to vehicle mounted mobile mapping for carriageway acquisition, LandScope have developed the capability to mount the IPS3 system from the following:

  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – capturing data in what is often considered an inaccessible or challenging environment e.g. coastal zones, pedestrianised areas and quarry sites
  • Vessel – capturing marine mobile mapping data which may be readily integrated with traditional hydrographic data-sets, such as multi-beam bathymetry, to create a seamless integrated above and below water model

LandScope’s mobile mapping continues to be busy with contracts underway for Ordnance Survey and various utility companies. If you wish to utilise our versatile mobile mapping surveys solutions for an upcoming project, please contact Sarah Jones with your specific requirements.