LandScope Develop Web-Based App for Manhole Inspection Data Recording 

4th December, 2019

For many years LandScope have recorded inspection chamber and manhole information on paper forms; well over 100,000 records. Given the presentational limitations associated with the field environment, there has traditionally been a significant manual undertaking of re-drawing and re-entering all of the recorded information to a digital platform. This process also introduces further opportunity for human error with additional time for quality control checks required.

LandScope has now developed, with the help of Kullasoft, an electronic app and web interface for the digital recording of manhole data.

Data is collected in the field and entered directed into a bespoke application installed on a tablet or mobile device. Data is added into the required fields with many shortcuts built in, including; drop down lists for standard pipe diameters / service types etc.

Manhole sketches are now semi-automated and more importantly schematic. This means they do not need to be redrawn back at the office.

Images are taken within the app and directly associated with the record so no more long evenings of renaming photos.

Manhole records are automatically saved and uploaded to the cloud. This allows the office team to use the information as soon as it is inputted. Data is also instantly backed up for robust data safeguarding.

In addition to standard photography, 360-degree images are also collected within the manhole chamber adding further value and reducing the future need to re-lift / re-survey manholes.

This data can then be exported as a PDF report (one per manhole) with a single click or exported into a GIS package such as Orbit GT. Please refer to our U-GIS, LandScope’s Underground GIS Platformarticle for more information.