What’s New Underground: Current Industry Developments

10th December, 2019

As the year comes to an end, we have put together a list of all the exciting developments in the utility sector that are set to continue into 2020;

  • The Geospatial Commission are working in collaboration with multiple bodies, organisations and pilot schemes including Project Iceberg and the National Underground Asset Register (NUAR). Both schemes are working to collate underground geospatial information into one accessible web-based application.

Our Southern Manager, James Kilroy, is a Project Iceberg committee member providing guidance from the perspective of the utility mapping surveyor. 

  • The ICES Utilities and Subsurface Mapping Panel (USMP) formed in 2019. The USMP is an expert panel whose prime focus is to improve standards (PAS128, PAS256 etc),  regulation, training and education within the utility mapping profession.

Our Geoscience Manager, Mark White is a USMP core panel member.

  • The PAS128:2014 specification is under review with a new revision likely to be released for public consultation in early 2020.

PAS128:2020 initial draft will be made publicly available by the BSI.

  • In line with the above developments, LandScope has developed U-GIS, our Underground GIS platform specifically for utility mapping. In time, we hope that U-GIS can be incorporated further into the above schemes.

Further details on U-GIS can be found here.

With representatives on multiple panels, and the arrival of new team members in the New Year, 2020 is set to be a progressive year for development in the utility mapping sector.