Leaning Tower, Pizza & GPR

26th February, 2024

LandScope were invited by IDS GeoRadar and Leica Geosystems for bespoke training at the IDS head office in Pisa. Training focused on the Chaser XR geophysical system, which has now been fully integrated (the first of it’s kind in the UK) into LandScope’s GPR solutions for subsurface profiling, alongside the IDS monitoring based interferometric solutions.

This new Chaser XR system has the technology to exploit the entire radiating performance of the antenna, for full control of the GPR signal, resulting in the best noise reduction and capturing the lower and higher frequencies for an extended depth range and ultra-high resolution.

Currently the only low-frequency system in the UK that benefits from EsT (Equalised scrambled Technology) which maximises subsurface profiling to a deeper range compared to any other solution available on the market.

If you would like to learn more about this brand new service, please do contact us. 

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