Mirela Hyka – New Graduate Member of CICES

23rd February, 2024

Following our partnership with CICES, Mirela is now officially a Graduate Member. In her own words she explains her journey:

“Upon completing my academic studies in Land & Hydrographic survey and after 15 months of work experience at LandScope, I set my sights on enhancing my professional credentials by joining the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES) as a graduate member.

With determination and a clear vision for my future, I’m now embarked on a path to elevate my status within CICES by aiming to become a Technical Member. Recognizing the significance of technical expertise and leadership in advancing the field, I’m dedicating myself to acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience required for chartered status. I’m currently pursuing additional training, have sought mentorship from seasoned professionals, and am actively engaged in challenging projects to broaden my understanding and proficiency in land & civil engineering surveying.

As a proud member of CICES, I am committed to continuing my journey of learning and innovation, contributing to the advancement of the field, and making a positive impact on the built environment for generations to come.”

Well done Mirela!

MHy in field